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Re-Painting A Bird Cage-

Companion parrots can be hard on cages. Ingesting flakes of paint, or inhaling new paint fumes, can be harmful and possibly fatal. If you are planning on re-painting a cage, you should use only paints that do not contain lead, zinc or chromate, paints which are "high adhesion", formulated to bond with the metal surface, are hard-wearing, and fast drying. When purchasing paint to re-paint a cage, look on the back of the paint can and see if it is safe for a human baby. Often, there will be a picture of a mom holding a child's hand somewhere on the can. Do not use Rustoleum or similar paints.

The cage that is to be re-painted should be carefully scrubbed with a wire brush to remove any loose zinc flakes. It should then be sanded smooth by hand. Some non-toxic cage paints are now sold in some pet stores. Ask at your local pet store for their advice on paint choice.

Give a freshly painted cage a week or longer before using. Solvent-based paints take time after initial drying to release the solvent vapors.







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