Cleaning your Birds Cage

yellow collard mini macaw

Your birds cage should be cleaned often to avoid infection and disease. Keep perches free of feces. Food should never be allowed to sit around or under the cage to spoil. Grates should be scrubbed every week with soap and water, water and vinegar or a bird cage cleaner that is safe for birds. Every season the cage should be scrubbed and disinfected outside. An ounce of bleach to a quart of water will disinfect the cage. Make sure to rinse it good and allow the sun to dry it and evaporate any bleach water. The sun is a natural disinfectant. 
All toys should be inspected daily for any hazards. And rotated to avoid boredom.

A clean cage will go a long way to keep your bird healthy.

NOTE: Stainless Steel cages should only be cleaned with a non-abrasive
bird safe cleaner or just good old soap and water.
If you have hard water in your area it is always a good idea to dry your stainless steel cage to keep it beautiful and spot free.

Author: Kimberly Santor

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