Help your bird adjust to his new cage

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Let your bird watch you set up his new home. His natural curiosity will flow.

If your bird is very frightened leave the cage within sight but far enough away to give some comfort.

Move the new cage a little closer every day until it is in reach of your bird.
(This is for birds that are very nervous and frightened of new things)

Birds are very much creatures of habit and routine. A new cage is a brake in his safe routine. Some birds will see a new cage as being a scary new object
So let your feathered friend adjust to this scary object in his own time.

Place some of his favorite things in the new cage. If the cage has a play top attach toys and put some of his favorite food in the new dishes. Even if he won’t approach the new cage having his favorite things within sight and easy reach will keep him interested and his natural curiosity will draw him to try out this new place in time. 

Some birds will adjust in a day. Others will take longer. But all birds will adjust and be happier and better off for having a bigger newer more comfortable cage.

Author: Kimberly Santor 

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